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Indigeneity in America

Get a clear picture of what American life looks like for our indigenous neighbors and the need for supportive allyship from Jaike SpottedWolf, a water protector and member of the Mandan, Hidatsu, and Arikara tribes.

Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights

An interview with Laura Goodhue, V.P. of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida, and a discussion of reproductive rights—under threat in the United States.

Voting Rights: What’s at Stake

Voting rights, voter registration, voter ID, and voter suppression talk with Debra Cleaver of VoteAmerica; and what you can do to help turn out voters in future elections.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Learn about domestic violence, including red flags, how to escape, and how to help victims.

Our American Stories

Join us for our fifth episode covering real American immigration stories.

Asylum 101

Join us for an interview with Prof. Nancy A. Oretskin, J.D. and emeritus professor from New Mexico State University to discuss migration, asylum, and immigration.

Infrastructure, Reconciliation, Filibuster

Covering the interconnected issues of Infrastructure, Reconciliation, Filibuster, and the Debt Ceiling in Congress.

SSI and Complexities of Disability Programs

Vilissa Thompson, LMSW shares with us the complexities of disability programs.


The first episode for Resistbot Live, where we discuss the importance of the SSI/SSDI campaigns.

Episode Zero - What to Expect from Resistbot Live

We get the team together for the first edition of our new live show.  Join us as we explore the issues that matter to the users of Resistbot and learn from the experts about why these issues are important to you too.

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