Authoritarianism in Democracy

Authoritarianism in Democracy


How democracy finds itself in the crosshairs of authoritarianism, with special coverage of Taiwan.
✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 27, where we discuss how democracy often finds itself in the crosshairs of authoritarianism, and look to Taiwan as an example. Listen along as we hear from our panelist, Christine Lu, and her personal experiences as a Taiwanese American as well as the history and current state of Taiwan and China and their citizens. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (0:56) Melanie Introduces the Show
  • (2:13) Introducing the Panel
  • (2:20) Susan Stutz
  • (4:00) Christine Lu
  • (4:53) Christine’s Background
  • (12:41) What Working in China Was Like for Christine
  • (17:03) China’s Awareness of Power
  • (21:30) What Life Looks Like for Chinese students in America
  • (25:03) The Lack of Freedom within American Borders and Extreme Consequences
  • (30:44) Petitions
  • (35:00) Panelists Closings
  • (37:49)  Monthly Donors
  • (38:25) Closings
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