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Calls to Action S1E28

Calls to Action

Discussing the fallout from the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.

· 58:43

✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 28, where we discuss the fallout from the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion over the ongoing fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice. Listen along with our amazing guests Helmi Henkin, the abortion fund link fairy, and Robin Wilson-Beattie, a disability, sexual health, and reproductive educator. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (0:51) Melanie Introduces the Show
  • (3:36) Conversation with Susan Stutz
  • (5:16) The Draft
  • (13:12) Lousiana Bill
  • (19:18) Interview with Helmi Henkin and Robin Wilson-Beattie
  • (20:56) Robin's upbringing and how she got started in her activism
  • (24:23) How abortions differ for those with disabilities
  • (30:59) How Helmi started her activism
  • (33:09) How abortion bans have made Helmi's work harder
  • (36:10) What abortions looked like for slaves and what we can learn from it
  • (38:46) A message to liberals
  • (45:04) Where to find Robin
  • (45:47) How Helmi Got Her Nickname: The Abortion Fund Link Fairy
  • (48:03) Abortion Funds Document List and donate4abortions.com
  • (51:36) Petitions
  • (53:57) Where to find Helmi
  • (55:29) Monthly Donors
  • (56:52) Closings
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