Culture and Current Events

Culture and Current Events

The war against critical race theory is a hot issue that people want to bury out of shame and guilt which unfortunately has been done already in some states. As we now lack a proper education on Black history in our nation, the time for raising awareness and spreading knowledge on the past is as important as ever. When delving into the uncomfortable truth behind the Black history of our country, sometimes the best way to get people engaged in learning is through comedy! Throw in some drinks with our guest and it’ll be a good time with great conversations! We’re joined by comedian and one of the hosts of Drunk Black History, Gordon Baker-Bone to talk about some of the current events that are paralleling Black history and how they are disproportionately affecting Black communities around the country.

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Gordon Baker-Bone
Gordon Baker-Bone
Comedian/Writer/#Decepticomics aka Commissioner Gordon🇬🇾 Comedy album and Info in link below