The first episode for Resistbot Live, where we discuss the importance of the SSI/SSDI campaigns.
✊🤖 Our premiere episode is a discussion of the ongoing movement to end disabled poverty and to fix SSI and SSDI programs.
  • 0:00 - Moderator Scot Mactaggart introduces the show.
  • 2:26 - Introducing Susan Stutz, Resistbot policy writer, and content researcher, to open today’s topic of SSI and the #DemolishDisabledPoverty campaign.
  • 9:20 - Introducing Athena Fulay in Washington D.C., community organizer, and Resistbot outreach volunteer, discussing the experience of delivering Resistbot letters in person to Congressional offices.
  • 16:50 - Introducing Dr. Joseph Coohill (a.k.a. Professor Buzzkill) a 25-year professor of history who’s taught at Duquesne University, Penn State, and Oxford.
  • 20:11 - Introducing Melanie Dione; writer, podcaster, and event organizer in New Orleans, La.; and the text for the Improve SSI in Recovery Bill petition.
  • 31:07 - Introducing Matthew Berwick, disability advocate and President of the United Spinal Association of Western Pa, to discuss his personal experiences.
  • 39:54 - Panel discussion on SSI/SSDI
  • 1:08:24 - Outro
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