How to Help a Neighbor

How to Help a Neighbor


Revisiting the ongoing war in Ukraine, shining a light on the genocide in Tigray, and how to support your neighbors in need.
✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 25 where we revisit the ongoing war in Ukraine and put a spotlight on a similar crisis happening in Tigray. Listen along as we discuss the harsh realities of what our Ukrainian and Tigrayan neighbors are facing, the dangers of misinformation, and how to support our neighbors in need with our panelists and special guest Vitali Dorosh. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!

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This Week's Panel
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:56 Melanie Introduces the Show
  • 2:16  Introducing the Panel
  • 2:23 Susan Stutz
  • 4:44 Christine Lu
  • 8:02 Interview with Vitali Dorosh
  • 17:07 How to Support our Ukraine Neighbors
  • 17:28 Misinformation and the war
  • 21:24 How the war is impacting supply chains
  • 26:34 Open Letters and Petitions
  • 29:20 Tigray Open Letters
  • 31:17 Current state of China’s Covid Lockdown
  • 34:43 Panelists Closings
  • 36:34  Monthly Donors
  • 36:57 Closings
Episode edited by Angel Barrera. If you need a show edited, you can find her on Twitter here!
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