The Movement for Pro-Trans Legislation

The Movement for Pro-Trans Legislation

✊🤖With the endless onslaught against trans people accumulating more and more in our legislation, it can be difficult to keep up with what our trans friends are facing around the country. Distressingly, 440 active pieces of anti-trans legislation are currently targeting trans youth and adults. That overwhelming amount is enough to get people to check out, but with the relentless action our guest has for tracking LGBTQ+ legislation, you can keep up with ease. We are ecstatic to be joined by independent reporter and activist, Erin Reed! With an extensive and impressive track record, Erin has done so much for the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the trans community and continues to do so with her widespread reporting via social media and her newsletter Erin In The Morning. We dive into what drives Erin to do the work she does for the community and what you can do to get involved yourself!
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Erin Reed
Erin Reed
Independent reporter and activist, content creator, mom, D&D DM. Tips: // Booking & content: //Venmo erin888