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Equity From the Farm to the Table S2E3

Equity From the Farm to the Table

Kaleb J. Hill of Oko Vue Produce Co. explains the history of Black agriculture workers in the United States, the steps he and his peers are taking to stop the dwindling numbers of Black farmers, and the work it takes to battle food insecurity in Louisiana.

· 25:08

✊🤖 Wednesday, October 12, 2022 is National Farmer’s Day. Historically, through chattel enslavement and sharecropping, agriculture in the United States has relied heavily on the labor of Black people.  However, as of November 2021, less than 1.4% of farmers identify as Black, and those numbers continue to dwindle. Listen in as Kaleb J. Hill of Oko Vue Produce Co. explains the challenges that come with keeping Black farming alive in this country, why he is passionate about continuing his family legacy, and how he uses food as activism in the battle against food insecurity in Louisiana.
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