Protect Trans People

Protect Trans People


Learn how to support your trans neighbors and their families.
✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 21, where we have a critical conversation with our panel about the current threats and hardships trans people face in our country. Learn more about the dangers to our trans youth, listen to personal experiences, and learn how to support our trans neighbors. Resistbot encourages you to research what's happening in your state capitol on this and any other issue. Use your voice, or others will speak for you! This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:52 Melanie Introduces the show
  • 2:42 Introducing the Panel
  • 2:48 Susan Stutz
  • 3:31 Jason Putorti
  • 4:29 Diondra Elan 
  • 5:13 Lauren Rouse 
  • 6:14 Bianca Mack 
  • 16:37 Interview with Andrea Segovia from TENT
  • 30:44 Where to Find and Support TENT
  • 43:23 Petitions
  • 46:18 Panelist Closings
  • 46:39 Where to Find Lauren Rouse
  • 47:22 Where to Find Bianca Mack
  • 49:22 Where to Find Diondra Elan
  • 52:12 Donor Appreciation
  • 52:59 Closings
Episode edited by Angel Barrera. You can find her on Twitter here if you need a show edited!
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