Red State Repro Justice

Red State Repro Justice

Regardless of which state you live in, blue or red, what’s happening in other states around the country directly affects you and those who can’t fight by themselves. In an area where support for social justice issues isn’t as abundant as blue states, red states really need all the support possible. So instead of ushering people to leave red states, which isn’t realistic or an actual solution in the first place, let’s look towards the amazing organizers in those red states who are fighting relentlessly for those who need the help. In the red state of Louisiana where bodily autonomy is under attack, Lift Louisiana is stepping up to challenge the oppression against our rights. Michelle Erenberg, the co-founder and executive director of Lift Louisiana, joins us and shares the great work her organization is doing and how you can join the fight for our bodily autonomy wherever you are in the states! 

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