Civil Rights: Global and Insuppressible

Civil Rights: Global and Insuppressible


Melanie Dione is joined by Christine Lu, who shares her perspective on the China and Taiwan conflicts, China’s rising aggression, protests, and U.S. railroad workers’ rights.
✊🤖 We’re back botters! Although we’re in the season of being grateful, it can be easy to take our basic freedoms for granted.  When we look to the news about the recent rising aggression from China towards their own citizens and Taiwan, we can be reminded of the privileges we have while living in our democracy. This is a topic that many may have trouble approaching and connecting with, but our guest breaks it down for you for easy understanding! We are happy to be joined by Resist Bot OG Christine Lu for an international perspective on the China and Taiwan conflicts, the protests happening in China, and how you can do your part in these discussions. We close this episode by tying these topics back to the current protests happening in the states for rail workers’ rights. Stick around until the end to learn how you can use the bot to take action in these fights!
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