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The Demandifesto For Access Now S2E8

The Demandifesto For Access Now

Megan Lynch from UC Access details the fight for accessibility on college campuses and how you can get involved using their Demandifesto.

· 41:15

✊🤖 When we open up our table for everyone to sit at, we must make sure that everyone can get to our table in the first place. There has been a quiet fight for accessibility happening all over the country for years, yet little to nothing has been done about it. As universities continue to dance around abiding by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the need for accessibility grows bigger and bigger. No matter where you land on the disability spectrum, our guest today shows us that there is always more to be learned and understood about disability rights. We are joined by Resistbot user and activist Megan Lynch of UC Access for an in-depth conversation on the University of California’s consistent ignorance of including accessibility for all and the demandifesto that has come out of this situation.
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