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Who Runs the Bot? S1E23

Who Runs the Bot?

Taking a look at the iconic femme voices who keep the bot resisting!

· 57:00

✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 23 where we honor and recognize the powerful femme voices that run Resistbot and got it to where it is now! Listen along as we look back at some of the best moments on the podcast with our guests and very own Resistbot power-organizer Jessica Craven. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!

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This Week's Panel
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:56 Melanie Introduces the Show
  • 4:30 Jaike Spotted Wolf - Indigeneity in America
  • 11:27 Nee Nee Taylor - What Happens When Your Coup Fails
  • 18:06  Debra Cleaver - Voting Rights: What’s at Stake
  • 22:13 Diondra Elan - Protect Trans People
  • 26:03 Ría Thompson-Washington - Understanding Defunding the Police
  • 31:29 Vilissa Thompson - Common Sense and the Hallway Commute
  • 35:38 Interview with Jessica Craven
  • 52:08 Petitions
  • 54:09 Monthly Donors
  • 54:31 Closings
Episode edited by Angel Barrera. If you need a show edited, you can find her on Twitter here!
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