Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness


Learn about domestic violence, including red flags, how to escape, and how to help victims.
βœŠπŸ€– Join us for our sixth episode covering domestic violence featuring family law professor Linda Weiksnar, who's also on the board of directors of Safe Space Florida. This episode is essential for anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or thinks someone they know may be: learn from Linda how to escape a bad situation, red flags, and more.
  • 0:00 - Cue the Music
  • 0:51 - Melanie Introduces the Show
  • 2:37 - Introducing the Panel
  • 3:08 - Christine Lu
  • 5:04  - Athena Fulay
  • 7:14 - Susan Stutz
  • 10:11 - Interview with Linda Weiksnar
  • 20:44 - Panel Discussion
  • 23:47 - The Violence Against Women Act
  • 26:48 - Panel Discussion Continued
  • 27:52 - Red Flags
  • 38:17 - Closing Plugs
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